1. Lamborghini Aventador in Knightsbridge 

  2. Found a gem (no not Cartier) in Burlington Arcade: Karmann Ghia

  3. E-Type Jag out in Wimbledon

  4. Roller Out in London

  5. London back to normal

  6. The view from my table at Paul

  7. Kensington 

    This was actually a funny story. I ran along the street bobbing and weaving in efforts to catch the Ferrari and as she and I stopped, I noticed there was a funny little man running after me. I assumed he also liked the car, but that was very far from the truth. I stopped, coopied down, and proceeded to  take a few photos and the car went on its way. When I got back up he was right behind me and exclaimed: “Did you see her plastic surgery? It was some of the worst I have ever seen!”

  8. Quaint. 

  9. The back streets of London 

  10. Ferrari 458 Italia in Wimbledon 

  11. Matte Red Audi R8 Regent Street 

  12. The Original

    1952 Alfa Romeo 1900 C 52 Disco Volante
    Petersen Automotive Museum 


  13. Ferrari Concourse 2014 

    My Favourite: The beautiful 1969 Ferrari Dino 

  14. Ferrari Concourse 2014

    1952 Barchetta bodied 212/225
    Courtesy of the Petersen Automotive Museum 


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